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Are you looking for website ideas and inspiration to develop a new website? Does your current website look outdated and in need of a revamp?

We offer competitive website design packages and great service. All of our packages include 1 year free website hosting and 1 years free .co.uk or .uk domain management.

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Mobile Website Design

A desktop computer/laptop, a tablet (e.g. iPad) and a smart phone (e.g. iPhone) all have different screen sizes. The number of people accessing the internet on a mobile tablet or smart phone device is rapidly increasing. For this reason, it is important to consider a mobile website design for your business.

The term ” mobile website design ” may have two meanings:

    1. The website will detect the device and adjust the website to fit the screen size (e.g. the website can be designed to increase the buttons and navigation menu if it is being viewed on a small smart phone device to make it easier for the mobile user). This is also known as ” mobile responsive design ” as the website responds to the device being used.


  1. A separate mobile-website is developed which may contain different information from your original website. The mobile-only website will only be displayed on a mobile device (e.g. iPad tablet or iPhone smart phone) and may contain more specific information for people who are on the move.

Web Design Quotation from Bell IT Solutions

We provide web design for small businesses from a wide variety of industries. We do not specialise in one trade because our solutions are common in all businesses.

We really enjoy meeting new people and meeting other passionate business owners. Please contact us today for a clear, non-technical, readable web design quotation.

Our work can be found all across the UK. From web design Newport, Cwmbran, Caerphilly, Cardiff to beyond the Welsh borders in Bristol, Southampton and Nottingham.