G Suite

It’s like Gmail for Business!

Gmail (or Googlemail) is a free email system for private use. G Suite is the low-cost paid version with many extra features.

The look and feel of G Suite is very similar to Gmail. If you are familiar with Gmail, think of G Suite as a Gmail Business equivalent with extra functionality.

Cost of G Suite Basic

The current* cost of a G Suite Basic account is £2.75 per month (£33 per year) for a minimum 12 month subscription period. As an authorised reseller we can manage your G Suite subscription on your behalf.

* Valid February 2016

How to Install G Suite

There are many free online tutorials on how to setup G Suite. If you would like us to setup and install G Suite for your business please contact us today.

We can install G Suite over Skype or welcome clients to our office in Cwmbran, South Wales.

G Suite Training

We provide standard and bespoke G Suite training in private or group sessions. The standard G Suite training covers all the main functions of the G Suite package. The bespoke G Suite training is tailored to the IT competency of the individual or group.

We can also provide G Suite training over Skype or face-to-face in our office or a nearby location**.

** Please note! Travel to customer premises will be subjected to additional travel expense charges.

G Suite Email using your Business Name

Firstly, you need to have a domain name for your business. There are several websites you can use to find available domain names (for instance godaddy.com, 1and1.co.uk, etc…). We bought the domain name bellitsolutions.co.uk.

Using this domain name, you can create a G Suite account with your name, for example [email protected]

When you setup your G Suite email account, you can create many different email ‘alias’ names as you wish. An example of an email ‘alias’ is:

If a person sends an email to one of these ‘alias’ accounts, the email will be available in the main [email protected] email inbox.

Features included in the G Suite email business package:

  • Cloud based business package with online and offline mail
  • Application marketplace to seamlessly link to other applications (e.g. MailChimp, XERO Accounting)
  • Personalised business logo and business webmail Login
  • One-time password (OTP) generated every 30 seconds for extra authentication and security
  • 30GB email inbox per G Suite account
  • Fast search facility
  • Complete synchronisation for Microsoft Outlook
  • 99.9% service level agreement (SLA) with Google
  • Excellent spam filter
  • Individual and shared calendars within your business
  • Individual and shared contacts within your business
  • Online documents (Google Drive)
  • Out of office functionality
  • Business email signature
  • Business email distribution lists to quickly email a group of people
  • Plus many more additional features!