Website Design Packages tailored to your needs

2 Years Free Website Hosting and Domain

We offer 2 years free website hosting and 2 years free domain management with all of our websites.

If you already have a domain name and hosting provider but would like to change providers, we can take care of all the technical changes for you.

After the 2 years of free website hosting and domain management, we offer extremely competitive rates on these services or will simply help you to change to another preferred provider.

1 Hour Free WordPress Training

We develop all of our websites using the free tool called WordPress and offer 1 hour free WordPress training for you to manage your own website content. The training also includes a step-by-step training guide.

WordPress originated as a powerful blogging tool and has evolved into one of the best website builder tools on the market. WordPress is an open source (i.e. free) online website builder with a large community of developers constantly improving the functionality.

We enjoy using the best website builder WordPress to develop our websites.


Did you know there are over 100,000 new WordPress websites published every day!

Website Development Costs

We offer affordable web development fees and do not charge by the page. Our website development costs are determined by the length of time it takes us to build your website.

The total cost on the web design quote is the final cost to your business. If it takes us longer to develop your website, that is our fault and our expense.

All of our website development costs are clearly structured with no technical jargon and if you would like a web design quote please contact us today.

We aim to be the best web design company in Wales.